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k-hair extension


k-hair extension
What is Invisible Extension?

Invisible extension is a type of hair reinforcement with natural looking and having no inconvenience in daily life. It is a skill with minimised weaknesses of wearing wigs or hair implant.

It is a very natural hair increasing method through a procedure in which 4-stranded nano hair is tied close to the scalp side of single-stranded human hair.

Invisible Hair Extension's Characteristic

The uses synthetic hair that's a quarter lighter than human hair and prevents secondary hair loss coming from traction alopecia. 

(Silky synthetic hair that resembles 98% human hair)

k-hair extension

The hair is reusable using retouch method

In a month, hair normally grows 1cm~1.5cm, so after 2~3 months, it grows 3cm~4cm. 

Invisible hair extension retouch cycle is approximately 2 months. As hair grows longer with the knot the procedure requires re-tying the knot closer to the scalp.

Automatic knots using 2 fingers , Micro knots that never falls out,  Possible to use dye, henna and normal perms

k-hair extension

NO! Wig

NO! Hair Transplant

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