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Our technique is completely different with ordinary extension such as tape, bead, weft, clip and keratin bond.

Currently, our team specializes in the application of K-HAIR EXTENSIONS, a technique that preserves your existing hair in the least invasive way possible of applying your extensions. 

K-HAIR EXTENSIONS are uniquely designed to completely seamless by one single strand and undetectable in your hair. 

K-HAIR EXTENSIONS can be applied in while offering you length, volume and colour effects with no damage to your natural hair. 

K-HAIR EXTENSIONS are not use bond sticky tape or any metal!

It is a knot tying skill that complements the shortcomings of existing hair extension skills.
k-hair extensions



Our extensions are manufactured with amazing quality 100% human hair with the cuticle intact, allowing your hair to be reapplied up to 3~5 times while still maintaining its amazing look and feel.

Beauty Trends Studio

Our team of professional and licensed hair stylists are ready to provide you the best option for beautiful hair extensions, complimenting your natural hair or custom prepared hair. 


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Angela specializes in the most progressive K-Hair Extensions on the market today. Her flawless placement leaves no question as to her status as the best in the business.

She is creative and artistic sense places her in the upper echelon of trends. Angela has chosen to be an in-salon owner because she values the personal relationships she develops with her clientele.

She has completed advanced classes with Komorich Australia where she completed extensive training and became a master precision
K-Hair Extension specialist with a loyal clientele. She believes that people should never stop learning and makes a constant effort to further her education.

Her warm personality with her acute attention to detail far exceeds her clientele’s expectations while keeping their style modern and also ensure hair is well taken care of with capable hands – ensuring each client satisfied with gorgeous look before walking out of the door.
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All hair made from 100% human hair. It contains many colours, including a range of blondes, browns, blacks and more. Find the perfect colour match with our colour chart.

k-hair extensions
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