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Braiding Technique

Course Fee $3,300


  • K-Hair Extensions Technique (Braiding Method)

  • Understanding Hair Section Skill

  • Matching Hair Colour

  • Extension Hair Cutting  Skill

  • Retouch-Up Hair Extension Skill

  • Consultation 

  • Manage Customer 

  • Manage Booking

  • Marketing Skill


  • Extension Hair (Hair for Practice)

  • Elastic Bands

  • Extension Scissor

  • Hair Tail Combo

  • Hair Pin Set

  • Hair Cape Set

  • Hair Spray

** The materials below are not included. However, you must bring them when you participate in the training. Or You can order from our online shop.

Set Of  Hairdressing Scissor And Thinning Scissor 
- Hairdresser Mannequin Head with Tripod.
- Above price is excluded GST

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